We use the latest state of the art technology to protect your data.

In summary, a ssl certificate and Stripe credit bank payment should bring you all the comfort you deserve.

1 - The SSL certificate is confirmed by the fact that when you click on our URL address on your browser, you see "https". The "s" at the end proves it all.

enjoy ssl proof

This SSL protocol ensures that all the data that you enter on our website are encrypted so that nobody can steal them from you and us.

2 - None of your bank data go through our website. When you enter your credit card numbers, those data go directly to Stripe and are, of course, encrypted.

When your bank uses 3D secure, you will receive a code from your bank to make sure that it is you and not someone else who is using your credit card.
You will enter the code your bank sent you when requested during the payment process.

Is Stripe safe? 

Regarding the number and quality of Companies using this third party, we can think so :

Stripe credit


Now you can still use traditional bank wire transfer or even cheques if you have a bank in France. To do so please contact us as we prefer to do not let our bank data freely accessible on the net... We will send them to you by private message.








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